Students benefit

Program Components

  • YCTC Group magazine at 50 cents per student issue
  • Free teacher's copy of the magazine
  • Free Weekly Teacher's Guide. Written for teachers by teachers, this package offers summaries of articles, learning objectives, key vocabulary and activities for such disciplines as Social Studies, Current Events, Business, Economics, English, ESL and Media Studies. A Current Events Quiz and a Writing Skills Test is also provided.
  • Free Monthly Backgrounder explaining the roots and causes of issues and events in an easy-to-understand format.
  • Free Monthly Index to major stories covered in YCTC Group.

Resource binders containing the latest information on issues studied in your classroom plus prepared lesson plans and activities. Choose one for your classroom:

  • Free "The Canadian Experience Anthology": Collections of YCTC Group articles on a specific course subject are accompanied by complete tutorials. Choose one for Social Studies, Business, or English courses.
  • Free "Facing the Millennium: "Reprints of the "Facing the Millennium Essay" series are examined ion tutorials for both the Social Studies and English courses.

Note: Minimum order is 10 students for 10 weeks. Orders over minimum requirement receive more teaching material