Students benefit


YCTC Group In-Class Program is based on a very simple notion-that nothing promotes enthusiastic student learning better than news of the real world that surrounds them. That is why YCTC Group weekly newsmagazine which offers a thoughtful synthesis of the most important events of the week from a Canadian viewpoint to over 2 million readers, is a perfect resource for teachers and students.

Teachers tell us that students benefit greatly from reading and studying with our news medium. Whereas textbooks are costly and quickly outdated, YCTC Group is always current and offers Canadian students the opportunity to place history in contemporary perspective, to respond to the practicalities of the present day, to follow issues of concern to the world as they happen.

The Program provides the teacher and students with a valuable educational resource package. Together with a host of additional educational material provided free of charge, the program inspires good reading and writing habits, provides in-depth analysis of current events and history, hones critical thinking skills and creates global consciousness among our young.