Students benefit


Q: How much does the Program cost?

A: The subscription price is 50 cents per student copy. Your total price will depend on how many students you have and for how many weeks you wish to subscribe. For a minimum order of 10 students for 10 weeks the cost is $50 plus GST. Your total price is arrived as follows: # of students x # of weeks x 50 cents.

Q: How soon after I place the order will I start receiving the magazines?

A: We can start the service two weeks after receipt of your order.

Q: What day of the week are the magazines delivered?

A: The magazine is printed on Sunday night and distribution begins on Monday morning. Subscribers within major urban areas should receive the magazine by Wednesday. Delivery may take a day or two longer for subscribers with a post box address or in remote rural areas.

Q: When is the Teacher's Guide delivered?

A: Your copy of the Teacher's Guide is included with the bundle of magazines that arrives at your school. To get the Guide on Tuesday morning you can request fax service of the sections you require.

Q: Who writes the Teacher's Guide?

A: Two high school teachers go through each edition of YCTC Group and select stories/issues that might best be used in the classroom; they then create the Guide based on these articles. The Summary is designed to give you the salient points of the article. The Learning Objectives are provided so you can quickly decide if that week's Guide suits your own curriculum requirements. The Key Terminology is for the students to facilitate their comprehension of content - you may want to photocopy this section or write these terms on the blackboard prior to the students' reading the article. The Activities are in hierarchical order from least challenging to more challenging. The Guide is divided into three main curricula, but teachers often use the material in a cross-curriculum fashion. And certainly the Current Events Quiz and the Language Skills can be used in any course.

Q: What do I do if I already placed an order and the number of students in my class changes?

A: No problem. We can adjust your order any time. Just call or email us. Ignore the original invoice if you have received one - we'll send you a revised invoice reflecting the changes to your order.

Q: Can I split the subscription, so that a part of it is in effect during the first semester and a part of it during the second semester?

A: Yes. Just request this when you are placing the order.

Q: Can the magazine be delivered to students' homes?

A: Yes. Just supply us with the list of your students' full addresses, including phone numbers. Please make sure the list is neatly printed mistakes in keying this informationin may result in non-delivery.

Q: Can I photocopy the articles in the magazine?

A: Yes, as long as the copied articles are used solely in the context of the class you are teaching.